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            2019-12-11 17:12:00

              Ladies and Gentlemen,

              Our CIPCC program is at its end. It is hard to believe. But we are here to farewell.

              My ten-month sojourn in China has been full of memories and wonderful times of togetherness. I have made friends with brilliant people from Algeria to Afghanistan, Sri Lanka to Sudan and other countries in Asia Pacific and Africa. I cherish this wholeheartedly as a privilege CIPCC has granted us. A rare chance, indeed.

              We are leaving this beloved family in a few days. I can’t help it. But recalling all the good days I had with my colleagues makes me emotional.

              I have learned plenty about China as well. In fact, I have grown fond of China. Simply because this country is a symbol of determination. Its economic milestones and a resulting prosperity for its huge population have marveled billions.

              I confess that China is an unstoppable locomotive of growth and it has been a real example for the world in achieving unprecedented rapid economic growth.

              While recalling my days in China, I feel bit emotional. This is because of the unparallel achievements made by this great country in the last 70 years. This is a great leap forward from a poor country to the global donor and an emerging world power.

              China's profound transformation due to open-up and reform policies have helped uplift lives of more than half a billion people in the last four decades. In fact, it has helped lift more people out of extreme poverty than elsewhere in the world. And, the spillover of China’s development is helping our countries too. The countries along the Belt and Road are benefiting out of it. We have to thank Chinese President Xi Jinping for his grand proposal for win-win cooperation to ensure a shared destiny for humankind.

              Likewise, this 10-month remained a fruitful period to know all about this and know about China’s arts, literature, cultures, society, geo-politics and economy.

              Though, I had come to China twice before, this stay as a CAPPC-2019 fellow remained very crucial for me since it has set some everlasting marks in my life. This is because we had great opportunities to visit different provinces and cities, media houses, scholars, think tanks and academic institutions.

              As a Nepali citizen, I feel more proud in the sense that Nepal’s President made the first state visit to Beijing after Nepal entered into a republic country while Chinese President Xi Jinping made his historic visit to Nepal.

              I would remember this period as the fruitful engagement in China and I would say that China is an open university for learners. Similarly, China is a beautiful song with best symphony, rhymes, rhythm, meter and beautiful verse.

              China’s harmonious society, helpful people, high-quality development, respect for the history and modest expectations for the future is something that we should learn from Chinese society.

              I and all of my friends are indebted to China for these all.

              As Nepal is celebrating tourism year in 2020, I would like to invite all of you to visit my beautiful country Nepal in 2020.

              Now, I have to say goodbye to you all and wish to see you again.

              Mary Christmas and Happy New Year 2020.

              Long Live CIPCC

              Long Live China-Nepal relations!

              My deep love to China!

              Thank you.

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